#Take20With Mika Jolie

So excited to have someone who has quickly become one of my favorite authors, Mika Jolie, with us today in #Take20With. #Take20With Mika Jolie What’s your favorite midnight snack? OMG! A spoonful of PB. Can never go wrong with that. What’s your weirdest “quirk”? (Laughs) I sing ‘You’re the One that I want’ from Grease in the shower….

#Take20With Jessie Evans

Beyond excited for this Bookie Thursday! Today we are launching a new feature called #Take20With. We’ll be featuring authors and asking them 20 random, hopefully not normal questions they get asked, and sharing them with you. It’s a chance for you bookies, to get to know authors in a fun way. To kick off, we are starting…