Bon Voyage DeeDee!

Spring Bonjour

My goddaughter Dyanett took her first vacation out of Puerto Rico, and spent about three weeks with us. My aunt and uncle brought her along on their vacation, and I was beyond excited to have her here. Being that we live so far away, it’s difficult to build a true relationship and this was my chance to truly get to know her.

She’s such a smart and beautiful young lady and I couldn’t be prouder of her.

In between work, the birth of Kenzie, trying to maintain going to the gym, I tried my best to show her a good time. Here are some of the things DeeDee, Eric, and I did during her stay (you know besides shopping of course):

Eric and I miss her and didn’t want her to leave 😦 We can’t wait for her to come back or for us to go visit the family in Puerto Rico.

See why I haven’t been around these parts lately? Life is crazy, but in a really good way.

Spring XOXO

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