Holiday Gift Idea for Peloton Users

Let’s talk holiday gift idea for the Peloton obsessed.

If you didn’t know, I own a Peloton. His name is The Viscount. Yes after Anthony from Bridgerton. It’s ok, go ahead and judge me. It’s a Bike+ and it came with an awful plastic water bottle holder, that I never use because I felt flimsy and small. Plus my bottles didn’t fit. So I knew I wanted to change it.

That’s when a few Pelo-friends introduced me to the brand TrubliFit. They have accessories for all Peloton hardwares; bikes, tread, and rower. And they had exactly what I needed, an extra large metal bottle holder. Because who has small water bottles? I sure don’t.

I ordered off their Amazon Store. Which is a bonus, because free shipping with Prime. Yay! Shipping was super fast and it arrived in a day.

The package included everything you need to install; screws, and that impossible L shape screw driver.

Removing my old bottle holder was super easy and so was the installation. It took me about 5 minutes to do the entire thing.

Here’s a TikTok review I put together:


I recently upgraded my Peloton Bike+ water bottle holder. My bottles are pretty large and didn’t fit in the one that was included with the bike. A few Pelo friends introduced me to @trublifit , and I am so grateful. It was super easy to install; 5 mins tops, and it looks SO nice! They have tons of great holiday gift ideas for your Peloton obsessed friends &/or family. #peloton #pelotonaccessories #pelotonbike #christmasgift #holidaygift #giftidea

♬ original sound – Dee

I actually added a bunch of their products to my Christmas Wishlist. Keeping my fingers crossed that Santa will bring me a few of them.

Happy Holidays!


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