2018 Gift Ideas for Book Nerds

Christmas is just a few days away. And I am sure there are people on your list you are stuck with. So like I do almost every year, I put together a few ideas you could get the people in your life. I’m starting with the bibliophiles that ignore you half a day and hides behind a book. Hope it helps!

Once Upon A Book Club

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOXES |There’s pretty much a subscription box for everyone including my book nerds of the world. Here’s some of my favorite ones:

  • Fresh Fiction: This one is for the Romance Readers and more catered towards women. Every book includes 5-7 books. It’s truly amazing! What I love about this box is that’s it’s just books. There’s no flair and stuff that will eventually end up in the garbage. It’s just books. Give me now!
  • Owlcrate: For the Young Adult and Young Reader. This box has a theme each month and it will contain a new hardcover book and some fun swag to go along with the theme. They do have also have limited edition boxes and you could even purchase past boxes.
  • Once Upon A Book Club: Now this box is a lot of fun. You get one newly published fiction with 3 – 5 individually wrapped gifts with page numbers from the book, not meant to be opened until you reach the given page – bringing the book to life. It’s so dang awesome. It’s available for adult AND Young Adult. But they also have limited editions boxes. For example, they currently have a Christmas Box. And they also had an advent calendar, but it’s sold out. They also had a Mother’s Day and a Halloween bx. Really truly awesome box. Out of all the boxes this is the one I would LOVE for someone to gift me.
  • The Bookworm Box by Colleen Hoover: This box is for the ones that loves their best-sellers and signed autograph books. All the books in this one are autographed by the author. GASP! But this box is also for the romance and YA readers. On the website you could also buy autographed copies of books. They also have swag and discounted unsigned sightly damaged book copies. Seriously, what are you waiting for?
  • FairyLoot: I am not forgetting about the international bookies. This one is for you! Specially if you love Fantasy, since this is a fantasy book box. Like Owlcracte this box has a monthly theme which is always fun. The difference is that you do not need to sign up for a monthly subscription. It does have the option to buy a one time box. Which is particularly amazing if you are buying this as a gift. I don’t know why other boxes don’t do this. Right now they are doiing single sale of the January 2019 box themed “Unbreakable Bonds”. I am suddenly bitter I missed out on December’s box. It’s themed “Dragons”. Yeah, I know. It’s OK, I’ll survive some how.

Big Apple Author Book Signing (11)

BOOK BEAU | My actual books, let’s face it the kindle too, don’t leave my house without being protected inside a Book Beau. I am a bit addicted to these. And I just keep buying them.

So what is it? It’s travel book protector. When you commute on the Subway every day, protecting your books from your evil backpack, is completely necessary. So here it’s your solution. And as I mentioned, I also have one for my Kindle.

They have tons of different styles for all tastes and age. The cool thing about Book Beau if that they also have selected styles available on their Amazon Store and yes you could use your Prime. So need a last minute gift, look no further.


TICKETS TO A BOOK EVENT | Want to make a bookie nerd die on the spot? Put them in the same room, or across the table from their favorite authors. The fangirling is hard core. This honestly an amazing gift. So here are some of my favorite bookie events around the country.

Alex & Ani Book Kindred Cord

ALEX & ANI BRACELET | Alex & Ani is my jam. I collect them, of course I do. And they have a super cute book Kindred Cord and also a Harry Potter collection. The boy who saved reading for the masses.

I got my biffle Silvia and I matching ones. She is my book soul sistah! So a cute gift with a meaning.

Really hope this list make the wheels on your head turn and help you figure out some awesome gift ideas! If you have your own gift ideas for the readers for the world, sound off below.


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