Nerd Cubed Unboxing

Did I ever tell you I dreamed of being a marine mammal vet or a marine biologist? I did! I love the ocean!

Sharks are my biggest fear (ask my mom), but I equally respect the predators and animals that they are. Needless to say Shark Week is life in my world. Who watched it this year? I was GLUED to the TV! So now you understand my excitement when I opened my Nerd Cubed and the theme was Shark Week! 

Nerd Cubed - Shark Week 5

Unlike other nerdy subscription boxes, Nerd Cubed was made by nerds for nerds. And it’s not just about fandoms. It’s actual theme revolving everything from science to literature to history to mathematics and much more.

Full disclosure, I did received this box for a review. But as always I will be fully honest with my thoughts.

The packaging is as it’s name, a cube.

Nerd Cubed - Shark Week 4

So let’s see what was inside!

Nerd Cubed - Shark Week 1

  • Jawesome Shirt
  • Shark Lolliops
  • Shark Tooth
  • Shark Bottle Opener
  • Shark Ice Tray

Nerd Cubed - Shark Week 3

I wish I would have had all the items during Shark Week. But never the less, look how cute the ice cubes are.

Nerd Cubed - Shark Week 6

So what about the price? It’s $31.99 USD a month. While I like the box, that’s a little pricey. However, it does include shipping which a lot of the subscription boxes do not include.

Nerd Cubed - Shark Week 2

So what do you think? Do you like it? Do you not? Sound off! Want to try it out? Click here to subscribe.

But wait, there’s more! Since we are in the subject, let’s talk about sharks. Ok more like let me geek out over them just for a minute.

My ultimate favorite is the Bull Shark. Why? Because this baby could live in both fresh and ocean water. Isn’t that just the most amazing anatomy that you’ve ever heard off? Also the females are usually larger than the males. Yeah big girls rule the ocean world! And on average they could be about 300 pounds and 7 feet long. If you want to see something incredible, google their teeth. They have some pretty awesome teeth!

Next up, the Great White. He’s the most recognizable, and best looking of them all. I always imagine if a Great White was a human, he’ll be like 007. Total black tux, bow tie, and sleek. Also, massive! Their name is not a lie, really they are HUGE. And females are also larger than the male. Big up to the big girls! Men are about 12 feet and the ladies about 15 feet.

And finally, we have the Oceanic Whitetip. This is a deep ocean shark, and it’s been tied to being beyond dangerous to humans when a boat or plane accidents occur. I know, you’re probably thinking, that’s horrible that he’s one of my top three. But hear me out, he could survive in the deep ocean where there’s barely anything. He’s a slow swimmer, likes warmer water, kind of stays towards the top, follows boats like a puppy, sort of a loaner except when there’s food around. He’s like a shark version of my nephew. I kind of want one.

I also love Tiger Sharks, but I won’t bore you with talking about him. I mean you could easily google him and get to know him better.

Maybe some day I’ll bore you with my shark whale, beluga whale, dolphin, penguin, and otter obsession. We all have our things.

I hope you enjoying a little visit to my nerd side. What do you nerd about?

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