Chewbacca Makeup Inspo

In just a few days SOLO opens in theaters and I am freaking EXCITED. Who’s with me?

Out of all the Star Wars characters Chewbacca has always been my favorite. I love that this movie brings us all the way back to the origin of Han Solo and the Chewie.

So, I decided to create this look in his hairy honor. I used his coat for color inspo. Let’s get to it!

Chewie-Solo Makeup 1


Chewie-Solo Makeup 7


Chewie-Solo Makeup 3


Chewie-Solo Makeup 6

And because it wouldn’t be a Chewie look without an appearance from his royal hairyness.

Chewie-Solo Makeup 4

For movie premieres, I usually get myself a new shirt. Yes, I am that kind of fangirl. And of course I HAD to get one for this one as well.I bought my Chewie is my Co-pilot shirt at Target for $14.99 USD.

Chewie-Solo Makeup 8

And because I love to make fun of myself, here a dorky picture of myself meeting Chewbacca at Disney.

Chewbacca and I

I have to give it Disney, they really do make you feel like you are meeting the character. Even as an adult, you get just as excited. Obviously in my case. I was hugging the crap out of him. Poor guy!

Ps. That’s his hand over my shoulder, not my hair.Who’s excited to see SOLO? And who is your favorite Star Wars character?


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