Boxycharm November 2017

I was supposed to publish this unboxing yesterday, but I had a crazy day! I was training someone at work. And a simple dentist appointment turned into a tooth removal and 3 root canals. UGH! But enough about my horrible dentist appointment. Let’s get this party started.

It’s Sweata Weatha!

Well, I mean I loathe cold weather. I’m a summer girl all the way. Bring. Back. Summer! But Sweater Weather is Boxy Charm’s November 2017 theme.

This was my birthday box, so I was beyond excited to receive it. And it did not fail me! To be honest, Boxy never fails. Let’s take a look.

Boxycharm November 2017 (1)

Cover FX lluminating Setting Spray

Boxycharm November 2017 (4)

Winkylux Kitten Palette

Boxycharm November 2017 (2)Boxycharm November 2017 (3)

Luxie Beauty Quad Eye Travel Set

Boxycharm November 2017 (5)

LAQA & CO. Cloud Lips

Boxycharm November 2017 (6)

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Mask

Boxycharm November 2017 (7)

Box total? $120.00 USD. You pay? $21.00 USD. Amazing!

And because the Holidays are around the corner and you need to save some cash on gift, here are some discount codes:

  • $10 off $50 at CoverFX – Use Code: CHAMRFX
  • 15% off Winky Lux – Use Code: WINKYKITTENS
  • 25% off Luxie Beauty – Use Code: QUAD25
  • 15% off LAQA & Co – Use Code: LAQALIPS
  • 20% off KNC Beauty – Use Code: BOXY20

As a matter of fact, Boxy Charm makes an amazing gift for the makeup nerds in your life. Subscribe them today!

Do you subscribe? What’s your favorite item?

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