BERTA Fall 2018

It’s always a treat to attend a BERTA runway. They are usually grand and full of glam.

BERTA is known for her barely there gowns, plunging neck lines, and gorgeous backs. And this collection did not fail. It was a feast for the eyes.

The Fall 2018 includes 30 creations, inspired by flowers. As queen of the plant world, flowers arouse all senses. And that’s exactly what BERTA sought out to do with her ever unique gowns, arouse your senses.

She emphasize in 3D flowers and lace applique design, along with rich embellishments and brave use of color.

Each dress is a unique design tell a different story about the bride that wears it. From boho, to art-deco, to rich and glamorous. Just like the variety that can be found in the world of flowers – all are different from one another but equally pretty on their own right. This collection has all of those different styles infused in it, while maintaining the famous BERTA fit & cut.

This collection brings a sensation of liberalism, nature wild freedom, and bold use of artistic approach to design. Those are gowns that were created in order to get the bride who wears them down the aisle, to blossom in the biggest day of her life.

I took my own pictures from the runway, but I HAD to share the official runway images from photographer Mike Colon, because they are incredible. This is the kind of photographer I aspire to be!

Although I loved them all, I picked my favorite gowns to share with you. I meant to share only five, but that didn’t happen.

Berta Fall 2018 Runway (21)

Berta Fall 2018 Runway (22)

Berta Fall 2018 Runway (24)

Images courtesy by Mike Colon and Coded{PR}.

And he finale!

Since we are in the subject of BERTA, country singer Kacey Musgraves walked down the aisle barefoot wearing the designer.

She looked like a true country princess!

Wedding Photos Courtesy of: Natalie with NBarrett and Coded{PR}.

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