elf NYC Pop Up Shop

This past Friday, I decided to stop by the first ever elf pop up store in NYC. It was love at first sight!

elf NYC Pop Up 2

Located at 1601 Broadway (Broadway between 48th and 49th), its right in the middle of the ever so crowded Time Square. If you know me, then you know how much loathe Times Square. So, its a bid deal I venture in that location.

elf NYC Pop Up 3

The moment I walked in, I was welcomed by a ring light. I felt squishy and happy inside. And the store itself felt like a high end makeup boutique. But in the elf fashion, the products start at $1.00 USD.

elf NYC Pop Up 4

It’s sleek, modern, and filled with tons of light. Automatically, consider it for prime photo shoot space. Priorities.

elf NYC Pop Up 5

Product wise, they have it all! From their $1.00 products to their new Beauty Shield collection. If you haven’t seen the Beauty Shield collection, you should! It’s a line created to keep skin pollution free.

elf NYC Pop Up 6

They also had a chalk board where you could spot where vloggers that recently visited the store. Who do you spot?

elf NYC Pop Up 7

Of course, I picked a few things while I was there. And I am sharing it with you my little haul.

elf NYC Pop Up 8

elf NYC Pop Up 9

One of the things I found interesting is that they didn’t have an actual check out register section. When I was done, I walked up to one of the sales reps and they take your payment at one of the makeup stations. They do take credit card and cash.

If you’re in NYC, make sure you’ll stop by and play around. And while you are there, let one of the lovely makeup artists doll you up!

The elf pop up will be open until January. But let’s hope, it sticks around. It’s a great store with affordable makeup.

Don’t forget to check out elf’s 30 Days of New New. Where they’ll be releasing 30 new products in the month of September.

What’s your favorite elf product?

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  1. I wish we had an elf store where I live. The store looks amazing 😀

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