This past Saturday, I played personal assistant for author Mika Jolie at Behind the Pen 17 book signing. Hosted by Sistah Girl Book Club. It was her first signing, and it was an honor to assist her.

If you’re not familiar with Sistah Girl Book Club, they are an online book club that brings readers and authors together. It is their goal to include all genres and authors. But they pay special attention to independent authors of color. So if you want to support black authors, this IS the group to be in!

As a matter of fact, this signing featured only authors of color. And let me tell you something, I have been to quiet a few book signings in my day. Yet this was one of my personal favorites.

It took place at Manny Cantor Center, and the room was beautiful! It had lots of light and even a terrace that over looked NYC. The lighting in there was amazing!

The highlights for the event for me:

  • Everything was glitter, gold, and pink!!!!!!!!!
  • There was food, coffee, water, and even mimosas for the authors as we were setting up.
  • Even if you didn’t have a PA, they assigned someone to assist you.
  • They also had a gorgeous dessert, and mimosa bar for everyone. Fully created in all it’s glitter glory by Kareem Young Blood.
  • Appetizers all day long for everyone. No one went home hungry. I know I kept shoving something down my throat every chance I had.
  • There was music. So more than once, you would catch people dancing. Including myself.
  • It was a relaxed atmosphere centered around the authors.
  • The event itself, hosted raffles.
  • Working WIFI. Important to authors. Especially those running the payment apps.

It was just a fun event! And I surely hope they do another one next year. And yes, I took home one of the glitter champagne bottles. Of course, I did.

I had a blast assisting Mika. It’s easy playing PA to someone you not only admire, but you actually know and love her books.

I met so many readers that came out of their way to see her. And it’s incredible for me to not only see the impact her books have on others, but to also share that love and passion for her stories with other people. They get it. They understand. It’s such a great feeling!

Let’s put it this way, it’s been two years since I read The Scale, and when we went out to dinner Friday night, we still discuss it and find new things to talk about.

To everyone that stopped by and played along with the giveaways, THANK YOU!

Can’t wait to do this again with my Haitian sistah! I love you Mika and thank you for trusting me to represent you and your world.

I have a ton of more pictures to share. Especially, a fun photoshoot we did in the outdoor space.

So make sure you follow Mika on social media to see those, and visit her website to get to know her and her books.

On the Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

AND, if you want to support black indie authors, make sure you follow Sistah Girl Book Club.


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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    What an amazing experience. Will love to check her books out

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