Gym & Chat | BookCon Edition

BookCon, or any con for that matter, could be overwhelming for newbies. I know, you have a million questions. And being that this is my third time covering this event, I filmed some hopefully helpful information in between sets at the gym just for you.


To recap, here are the bullet points of what I covered in the video.

  • THE BOOKCON APP. I discussed why it’s important to download the app and use it.
  • COMFORT. Being comfortable is key and I give you reasons why.
  • LINES. Oh how lovely those lines are. They’ll be lines for lines.
  • SIGNINGS. Are there more than one type of signings? Do you pay for books at signings?
  • PANELS. Do you need tickets for them? Where do I line up?
  • MEET UPS. For the first time ever they did meet ups. Some included Harry Potter, Bookstagram, BookTube, and even a speed dating.
  • BOOKS. Are they free? Do you have to pay for them? Where do I get ARCs?
  • FOOD & HYDRATION. Will I die with out food and water?
  • ROLLING LUGGAGE. Should you carry the books? Bring a luggage?
  • ARRIVAL TIME. Should you arrive early?
  • GIVEAWAYS. Where do they announce them?
  • PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE. Should you have a planned schedule?
  • HOW I GET HARASSED AT THE GYM. Does Dee get picked on at the gym? You’ll have to see…

I hope this information is helpful in any way! I did fail to mention a lot of the book sellers do accept credit cards, but not everyone does. Also, Javits Center does have a food court and a few Starbucks. The prices are reasonable for the area. They really are.

I also failed to mention that one of the best and worst things are the lines. Worst because they are long and you wait 47,000 years. But best because you could turn to your neighbor and possibly have one of the best book conversations you’ve ever had. Which was my case. I met SO many wonderful people on line, and I loved everyone one of you. Thank you for taking time to entertain my chatty butt!

An honorable mention goes to @MarissaReads. Back in 2015 I held a bunch of BookCon giveaways and she happen to win one of them. Her and I started talking on the line for Owl Crate and now she’s a kindred spirit in my world. SMALL WORLD! 

Can not wait until next year! It’s coming back to NYC on June 2 & 3. Who’s going with me?!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheismelrose says:

    Sounds like a great time

  2. Marissa Nicole says:

    It was nice meeting you!! Can’t wait to meet up soon.

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      Yes!!!! We need to do something together!

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