BookCon 2017 | Final Thoughts

BookCon 2017 is over, and I am both depressed and happy. Depressed, because it was two full days of spending time among my people, bookie nerds that understand the definition of book boyfriend/girlfriend. And now it’s all over. Happy, because I am physically exhausted.

Before I walked out of the Javits Center, I took a few moments to put some quick final thoughts.

I will be filming a longer vlog with details on the incompetence for the Penguin Random House staff. And please understand it wasn’t everyone working for Penguin. Some were genuinely super kind and sweet. This more pertains to those hendling the book singing lines. They were awful.

I did reach out to the bookies using the BookCon app for their experiences with the publishers booth and let’s just say, it’s pretty negative from the emails I’ve received. Which is such a shame because like I said in the video, they really do have amazing authors and books.

I’ll also will be putting together a vlog with advice for BookCon newbies. It’s nothing ground breaking but it’s tips on how to get better out of your experience.

I can’t wait to share my book hauls with you!


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  1. Ana Victoria Perez says:

    It was very nice to meet you on Saturday at BookCon. I look forward to reading your blog 😀

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      It was a pleasure meeting YOU! Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the net 😘😘😘

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