IBSNY 2017 Hauls

Time for our IBSNY 2017 hauls, yay! Ok granted, we didn’t get much but we do love the things we did get.

We’re also sharing are super favorite item from from our hauls.


Danessa's IBSNY 2017 Haul

Favorite Haul Item

BH Cosmetics Blushed Neutrals Palette

Dee's IBSNY 2017 Favorite - BH Cosmetics

Danessa left us to go find the BH booth to buy this palette. You get massive discounts at trade shows. So this only one of the five she bought… don’t tell her husband.


Silvia's IBSNY 2017 Haul

Favorite Haul Item


Silvia's IBSNY 2017 Favorite - Truss

Silvia already tried this and in one use, her hair is shinier with amazing body. Plus, they smell SO good! I can back this up. Her and I have completely different hair and I said the same exact thing. Basically, it’s amazeballs.


Dee's IBSNY 2017 Haul

Favorite Haul Item

Eve Pearl’s Special Show Box

Dee's IBSNY 2017 Favorite - Eve Pearl

Eve usually does show only deals and this one was a great one. Its was roughly  $80.00 USD with a value of… wait let me do the math $269.00. It was practically a steal!!! If you’ve never tried Eve Pearl, start with her salmon concealer. You’ll agree with most professionals that it’s the best one out there.

Usually brands hand out goodies to anyone that stops by there booth. But one normally stands out from the rest.

This year the best swag goes to Donna Bella Hair. They gave us this pink bag with Joico hair dye in different colors.

Donna Bella Hair

Yes, I am already begging Danessa to give me a pink highlight!  I’ve always wanted one.

If you missed our IBSNY 2017 blog and vlog, check it out here.

Did you attend IBSNY? What did you get?! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheismelrose says:

    I’m def supporting the pink highlight I think you will rock the hell out of it

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      Right?! I think it’d be amazing!

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