With love, Emmy London

Some girls dream about Jimmy Choo or those super uncomfortable shoes with the red bottoms…

I dream of Emmy London. 

If someone where to project from my brain to my feet, what my perfect shoe are, I guarantee that it’s something from this designer. In my personal opinion, not many shoes compare to Emmy. Actually, most don’t even come close. Nor should they be in the same category.

I mean, Cinderella would have had minor heart failure if instead of a glass slipper, her fairy Godmother put one of Emmy’s hand crafted dreams on her feet. In my mind, this is all true and accurate. And she’s also more heart broken about loosing the shoe than having to leave the Prince at midnight… hey it’s my fantasy. Let me have it! 

Just picture yourself in a gorgeous gown, any gown, it doesn’t need to be a wedding dress. Any occasion is a reason for Emmy. And then you look down and see one of these on your feet…




Exactly. You just died a little bit too. Right? Right? Riiiiiiiight?

Yeah, Emmy London is pretty brilliant. I  just love her and her staff to pieces (Hi Emily!). They are so kind! And my Bridal Market would be a failure, if I didn’t get to stop in and check out her new collection.

During October’s Bridal Market, she launched her Chelsea Spring/Summer 2017. Inspired by London’s iconic Chelsea flower show and also the location of her new flagship boutique. She focused on feminine and sexy silhouettes, and included super high heels and modern designs.

My favorite new addition to this collection was the introduction of a scarlet suede color. Just scroll up and take a look at those sexy as all sin red heels. Ooh la-la! 

If you’re ever in London, make sure you check out her flagship store. Not in London, that’s OK. In NYC, you could stop in the accessory floor at Kleinfeld, and no you do not need to have an appointment to shop accessories. AND also you could order online.

Now for the hard question, could you pick a favorite?


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