Burning Love by Heather Lyn


By Heather Lyn

  • Series: Hearts On Fire #2
  • Release Date: November 29, 2016
  • Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Firemen

Eight years ago Kennedy Grant’s life was forever altered. She has spent her life since then trying to forget what happened. But in the process, she has closed herself off to the one thing she truly wishes for.

Love and happiness.

Grayson Michaels has been living his life without ever knowing that the one for him was there all along. He has never wanted more, until he met Kennedy. Now he’s a changed man.

He’s ready for his forever.

Will Kennedy open up to Grayson and allow herself to experience one of life’s greatest gifts?

Can Grayson show her that love really is worth the risk? Or will their chance at love burn right before their very eyes?



Get your tissue box ready. This one will hit the feels. Thanks a lot for that Heather.

I have to warn you, although this is a stand alone book, I highly recommend reading the first book in the Hearts on Fire series, Hearts Ablaze. Because Grayson and Kennedy’s story starts there. And because I am a rebel and did not want to wait to read this book, I skipped Hearts Ablaze, and now feel like I only read half their story.

Ok, now that I have done my civic duty, and assuming you now have read Hearts Ablaze, let’s proceed.

Sometimes coming from money doesn’t mean that you don’t have problems, and Kennedy is proof of that. Her father was a fancy doctor with tons of money, and her once thoughtful and caring mother turned to alcohol. Why? Still not entirely sure. Her family went from loving, to a wreck in a short period.

Could you imagine being in your senior year of High School and having to deal with your parents divorce, moving cross country, and then having a father that was supposed to be your rock and comfort shove money at you so you could disappear? It would be unbearable. Fast forward to many years later, and you now have a woman so closed off about her past and emotions, that not even her own best-friend knew anything about her past and family.

Then you have hot as sin Grayson. Fireman. Good looking. Was he looking to fall in love? Ah, no thanks. He was perfectly fine being free and happy doing as he pleased. But in comes this girl with legs for days that stole his heart without a second look. Before he knew what hit him, he finds himself in this sort-of-kind-of-maybe friend zone relationship with Kennedy.

It’s obvious they liked each other but they held back big time. And when finally Grayson stops being a damn girl and admits his feelings for Kennedy, it all blows up in his face. She runs and hides from him. Girl… have you lost your dang mind? Have you seen what Grayson looks like? Ok, that was just the hormones talking. Honestly, her running is completely justified.

Here’s a completely closed off woman, that never ever wanted to be in love. Never wanted the weakness of falling for someone and having a relationship. She wanted to just be, and live in the present. And by him coming clean, it was like she came face to face with her biggest nightmare and fear. Love? NO! She didn’t want that nonsense. But this is where the fun starts and it’s only the begging of what I guarantee will be a roller coaster of emotions.

Glass Case Of Emotions

Let’s take a breather here, because I will not give any spoilers, and have a chat with author Heather Lyn. Heather I love you, but I want to slowly stab you to death with push pins. You my lady, put your characters through hell and back before getting to the happily ever after. It’s like the moment they start looking like they are doing the worst walk of shame from hell, you are like, awe ok you’re in rough shape let’s get you some disco fries and tuck you into bed. Someone needs to put you on time-out Heather!

In all seriousness, I have to commend Heather on tackling situations that a lot of authors shy away from. Serious, and sad subjects that many wouldn’t include in their stories. Yes, reading is an escape but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t read or talk about things many have experienced. Reading is experiencing 1,000 lifetimes and Heather did an amazing job working in touchy subjects.

This book has tons of tears, firemen, laughter, firemen, good family, firemen, bad family, firemen, sexyness, firemen, heartbreak, and did I mention firefighters? I give it 4 Nerd Glasses out of 5.

Who’s petting the cover? Oh yeah, I wasn’t either. Who would do such a thing? Not I…


Say hi to cover model Nathan Hainline. What’s up boo?

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