Romona Keveza Fall 2017

Hiya Brides!

You’re not ready for this. The Romona Keveza Fall 2017 has practically something for every bride. This collection is about the bride expressing her own unique personality. And that’s music to our ears. We encourage everyone to be their own unique self.

From Aristocrat, Modernist, or Fashionista you’ll find this collection has something for you. The essence of each timeless look is beautifully captured with the exceptional fabrics, exquisite fit and master craftsmanship that defines Romona Keveza.


The Fall 2017 Legends Romona Keveza Collection is, INCREDIBLE! This collection celebrates the timeless style of princess Grace Kelly. So yes, it’s incredible!

Romona continued exploring classic silhouettes with delicate lace and beaded details. These gowns could easily go from elegant and sophisticated, to fun and playful for the reception.

This collection inspires the bride of today to be a legend in her own time.


Could you pick a favorite gown? Share your choice below!




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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I need all of these! I would have such a hard time choosing…. They all look so incredible!

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