Introducing Frankie Rose

Happy Tuesday party people!

As you guys may have seen, a few weeks ago we attended the Ricky’s NYC Beauty Crawl. On our second stop, we met the brand Frankie Rose. We were so impressed with the results, we had to share it with you.


But before we get started, let’s talk about the brand a little.

Who is Frankie Rose? Frankie Rose is who every woman wants to be. She’s fearless, beautiful, confident and sexy. She knows who she is and what she wants.

About Frankie Rose Cosmetics | Los Angeles based Frankie Rose Cosmetics is specifically formulated to offer flawless, long lasting products for all skin types. From dry, normal, oily, to even the most sensitive skin…

Makeup Artist and Co-Founder, Sarah Udink knows first hand the struggles of sensitive skin as she’s battled severe eczema for as long as she can remember. Looking back, she remembers searching high and low to find a makeup brand that would provide her with the look she wanted without causing skin irritation. After being disappointed time and time again, she decided to build a makeup line that would offer the best of both worlds: Flawless coverage that leaves your skin looking like you stepped out of a magazine, yet feels so lightweight you’ll forget you’re even wearing it!

Emily from Bridal Beauty Magazine played model for us

While at the Beauty Crawl, the lovely Frankie Rose expert gave us a product demo. And after, we were able to play with the products and try them out. Two items stood out to us, their Prime Addiction Primer and their Matte Perfection Foundation.

If you haven’t tried this brand, let me warn you, this combination is deadly. When we were testing it out, Glory applied it using just her fingers, and it made her face look flawless as if it was airbrushed.

One of the goodies we received at the event was one of their  Infinity Eye Pencil.


Today on our SnapChat, Glory will be doing a fall look, using this pencil. Make sure you are following us and don’t miss this SnapTorial @nerdandlace.


She thinks this pencil is smooth. You can build it up. If you press it lightly, it will give you a soft brown line that you could blend all over your lid. Or simply go for sharp line for some drama. Who else is excited about what Glory may come up with? We all are!

So make sure to tune in to our Snap!


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