August 2016 | Ipsy Glam Bag Showdown

Happy Fri-yay!

Who’s partying tonight? I am! Can’t wait to head down the Jersey Shore to spend some much needed time with Glory and her family. I do adore them! 

Today we have for you our August’s Ipsy Glam Bag Showdown. This month’s theme was Sugar Highness and the bags were designed by Ms. Ipsy herself, Michelle Phan.

Let’s get to it:


Danessa's August 2016 Ispy Glame Bag Showdown


Glory's August 2016 Ispy Glame Bag Showdown


Silvia's August 2016 Ispy Glame Bag Showdown


Dee's August 2016 Ispy Glame Bag Showdown

My favorite items? The Ciate London nail polish in Spinning Teacup. It’s the perfect nude like lavender. And to be honest, this is one of the best nail polishes I’ve ever used. It falls solid and dries super fast. Last night I went to get a pedicure, and took it with me. Everyone was complimenting the shade at how pretty it is.

I also love the Ofra + Dupethat Highlighter in You Glow, Girl! It’s just so pretty and I think this shade will compliment a lot of skin tones. But I haven’t tried it yet, so don’t quote me on that just yet.

What did you get in your August 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag? Share with us on Instagram, SnapChatTwitter, Facebook, and or/ Tumblr.

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