Cosplay Sewing Patterns

Seriously Dee are we really going to talk about sewing patterns today? Yes. Yes we are.

Is it 1982? No this is not Doctor Who you silly thing. Like everything, even antiquated sewing patterns have evolved. Sure you still find really horrid ones out there, but I’ve seen patterns for really trendy items.

Ok, I get it, sewing is not for everyone. But I personally grew up in a family of creative people. I can’t remember a day where my mother wasn’t sitting in front of her sewing machine making something for someone. She literally had boxes filled with patterns.

What I am really excited about is a new Cosplay by McCall’s collection. Yes, you read me right, a cosplay sewing pattern collection! If you’re anything like me, you’re currently slowly dying inside.

This is gold! Sure we could easily go off and buy an already made costume. But the satisfaction of making it yourself is entirely better. Plus a true cosplayer makes their own costume and takes pride in discussing their work. Some costumes take over a year to make. But it’s a source of pride when you attend a Con and people stop to ask you about what you’re wearing, and you can say I made it.

Here are some of my favorites in the collection:


Each of these run between $17-20.00 USD. And you’ll always have them for future projects.

But wait it gets better! Simplicity has an entire line of costume patterns. And in particular a DC Comics Bombshells collection.


These are a little less and go for about $13.17 USD each. And, they have some other awesome patterns too. Check them out:


You can buy these online or check out Jo-ann‘s. Remember they usually have a coupon and if they don’t, they do cross honor Michael’s and AC Moore coupons.

Glory and I decided to tackle making our own costumes this year for Halloween using some of these patterns. We don’t know what we want to be yet, but we’ll be sure to blog about our progress.

Have you used any of these patterns? Share with us below, on InstagramSnapChat,  TwitterFacebook, and or/ Tumblr.


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