Author Spotlight | Amy Briggs

Happy Bookie Thursday y’all!

On Saturday we attended the Indies in NY 2016 book signing. This was the very first indie author book signing we have ever attended, and we had an awesome time.

We met so many great authors, and rather than taking place in the standard conference room, it was at a restaurant. Authors covered the entire place, and were setup in random booths and floors. The venue was an awesome and different, and we loved the experience.

One of the authors we were excited to meet and interview was author Amy Briggs. A former fire fighter from NJ, now residing in Florida.

She has a new series called The Brotherhood of District 23. Her first book, Fired Up is out now, and the second should be out this September.

Fried Up by Amy Briggs

Jo Meadows did what she always dreamed, following her father’s footsteps and becoming a career firefighter. Still reeling from his sudden death, Jo attempts to settle roots where he had been the Chief. However, the new cocky Fire Chief, makes it difficult to stay focused on her goal, just like he has since they were kids.

Brian Cavanaugh, is doing what he does best, taking command. After his only father figure, the chief passes away, he convinces Jo to come back to the department where her family is. While he’s always had his pick of the ladies, he quickly realizes what he’s been missing out on with Jo and what he he’s been giving up for his career.

Torn between their responsibilities and their attraction for each other, their history ignites a spark that neither can deny. But, Brian’s reputation for being a ladies’ man and now becoming her new boss challenges their scorching chemistry. Will he be able to prove to her he’s changed before Jo’s past comes back to haunt them both?

**Book contains adult themes, graphic sexual scenes and language. Not recommended for readers under the age of 18**


We took a few moments and had a SnapChat interview with her. We don’t really ask normal questions, and her answers are brilliant. You have to watch!

Thank you so much for this interview Amy! And SO sorry for my annoying laugh HAHAHA!

Make sure you stay tuned for Amy’s second book in the series, and her collaboration with Mikey Lee.

For more information on Amy Briggs follow her on:

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