Hopeless Romantic by Seth King

Hopeless Romantic by Seth King

By Seth King

  • Publisher: Indie Author
  • Genre: Romance, New Adult
  • Release Date: July 26, 2016

After losing his engagement to the woman he thought would be the great love of his life, twenty-three-year-old aspiring writer Graham Herrera is in pieces. After four months, though, it becomes clear just how he can get his life back on track and reassemble his soul: write a book about his lost love and shed her bad blood forever. There’s just one problem: that would make him a “male romance author,” and according to society, men know nothing about romance, right?



Seth King may not be a big name in the book world but mark my words, he will be. Have a box of tissues ready for when the feels hit. And I will get sappy here. You’ve been warned.

I wrote to make people laugh, I wrote to make people cry, but most of all I just wrote to make them feel.” – Quote from Hopeless Romantic

If making people feel was Seth King’s goal with Hopeless Romantic, he’s accomplished that. I JUST finished reading it, and I couldn’t run to my computer fast enough. I wanted this review to be as real and raw as this book.

Glass Case Of Emotions

If you don’t want to cry, then don’t read this book. Because you will cry. It guts you from the very soul, and spits you out looking like a hot crying mess. Thank you for the crying leaky nose, boyfriend. You’re a top guy! #insertsarcam.

This book is a love letter to male romance author. Let’s get real for a moment, a male romance author is like an urban legend. You know they are out there somewhere, but do they understand what romance is? Face it ladies, a lot of us are jaded over a man having an ounce of romance in their bones.

Well, I apologize for the male kind on my behalf,” I smiled. “Excuse my language, but I can vouch for the fact that many of us are actually fart stains on a pair of old-man underwear.” – Quote from Hopeless Romantic

To a lot of us, men are selfish pigs that only want a hot lay in bed. Right? I know, I get you. I’m with you there. BUT reading Seth’s words, it nearly blows your mind. You find yourself cuddling your blanket and gasping mesmerized at the words, whispering out, “Wow, a guy that gets it.” And oddly enough, you find yourself sympathizing with him. Because we’ve all been there.

I’d always run too hot for girls, burned too brightly while the other person was barely turned on – I’d always text them too much and add them on Facebook too early in the relationship and like them more than they liked me.” – Quote from Hopeless Romantic

Oh preach Seth. Just preach! We know what it feels to care too much, too soon. When this world is filled with self and instant gratification, we truly care. And a lot of people just don’t understand that, nor are they ready to deal with true emotions.

This book is only 55 pages, and in that short amount you’ll basically go through every emotion in existence. So congratulations Seth, you made me feel.

As I read this book, one question kept going through the back of my mind, how autobiographical is this story? Seth is a male romance author that owns a Yorkie that’s named Minnie Mouse… It makes you wonder, how much of this did he truly experience?

Do yourself a favor and read this book. I give this novella Five Nerd Glasses out of five. If anything, you get out of it is that, somewhere in Florida you have a kindred spirit that feels like you do.

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