Wellington Hair Spa


Isn’t that the truth? Happy Beauty Tuesday y’all!

My crazy mermaid hair was in bad shape. It was way too long, past my waist. My ends were fried and I look like I escaped a mental hospital. When you’re hair gets to be that long and it’s thick, there’s really nothing much you can do with it.

I also, work out a lot and sweat like a sinner in church. I couldn’t picture myself blowing out 47 tons of hair, for it to get ruined hours later at the gym. It’s exhausting. Needless, to say, I needed a haircut. BADLY!

That’s where Wellington Hair Spa came in. The invitation was almost a God send. Carrying around all that hair was starting to give me headaches. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s get to know this hair spa a little better.

Patrick Wellington, veteran hair stylist and founder of Wellington Hair Salon, has one simple objective for all his clients – hair that glows with inner health. Formerly a senior stylist at the world renowned John Atchison Hair Salon, Patrick Wellington has over 20 years of exceptional experience styling celebrities, executives, and exclusive clientele who demand the very best in cutting edge hair styling and hair care.

He has been in their hair industry since the mid 80’s, that’s longer than a lot of you have been alive. The salon has been operating since 2014. So putting my hair into the hands of such an experienced man was a no brainier.

On a side note, this salon labels itself as a “black” hair salon. However, I’m not black. But I do have curly hair. So keep that in mind.

When I walked in the young lady behind the counter was very polite and attentive. The vibe was relaxed and chic, with large mirrors and comfy chairs lining the walls.

One of the things I liked were the smocks you were asked to wear. Let’s face it y’all, those salon capes are not flattering on anyone. And if you have a big neck, like I do, they never close properly and you get hair all over the place. I know it’s silly to mention, but I really liked that little extra touch.

Wellington Hair Spa 3

What happened next? I experienced one of the best wash, cut, and a blown outs I’ve ever received. Dry-bar? No thanks! Wellington Hair Spa it is for me. Patrick was the sweetest-soft spoken man. He treated me like a million dollars, and made my hair look like mink. And beyond healthy. Even while he detangled my hair, he handled it so careful and gently.

And here is the final look. Sorry about the awful pics it was a HOT day in NYC and I was sweaty and shining bright like a diamond in the Vegas desert.

So as you could see they may label their hair salon one way, but in all honesty, anyone with any texture of hair could make an appointment and come out looking fabulous.

Wellington Hair Spa is a full service salon, specializing in cuts, color, relaxers, intensive treatments, and natural care hair such as locks, braids, and twists. See a full list of services.

We use the foil system for our color processing and use professional product lines including Paul Mitchell, Wella, Sebastian and Clairol; our color processing is for all hair types/textures and range from rich brunettes to golden blonde hues.

So if you’re in New York City, stop in and say hi to Patrick. And put yourself in his hands. You’ll end up looking amazing.

To test out the longevity, I haven’t washed my hair since I got it done (7 days), and it’s still going strong even after sweating buckets lifting and kickboxing.

For more information visit them online or stop in.

119 W 23rd St.
(between 6th & 7th)
Suite 501, Chelsea
New York, NYC, NY 10011

Email: info@wellingtonhairspa.com
Call Us: 212-206-7962

What did y’all think? Did he tame the wild beast or what? I’m a happy girl!


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