Happy Fri-yay! Where my curvy ladies at?

Today we are bringing you something a little different from Nerd & Lace. It’s not a Beauty Box, Loot Crate, or Glam Bag. Today we have for you a PLVSH Style Box, what is this said box you ask? It’s a clothing style box for us curvy gals! I will admit, I was SO excited when I found out about PLVSH Style. I was feeling a little jealous and left out seeing a few coworkers get some great pieces of clothing from Stitch Fix (they craft style boxes for regular size ladies). But guess what, us curvy girls can get in on the style box action now too. Thank you PLVSH!

As you probably already know, because I’ve mentioned it in many of my other blog entries, I am a busy working mama. And unfortunately with that title comes little to no time for me to go shopping. By day I have a corporate job, by evening I am a mama. The little free time that I have goes to cooking, cleaning, and blogging. So I thought this style box subscription would be perfect for me.

To start, let’s tell you a little bit about PLVSH


PLVSH is an online personal styling service that caters to discerning plus size women who insist on quality, fit and sophistication. We offer cutting-edge personal styling reimagined, refined and finally solved for a powerful fashion set, size 14+. PLVSH connects you with professional stylists who handpick quality pieces tailored to you and your lifestyle and have it all delivered to your doorstep. It’s like having a personal shopper, dedicated stylist and super-fashionable friend all in one!



PLVSH launched with one goal: deliver incredible fashion and personalized styling for savvy, sophisticated women size 14+. Created by plus size women for plus size women, we believe every woman should look, feel and be her most fabulous self 24/7—and that’s not reserved for size 8 and smaller only. Through unparalleled services and special insider information, we’ve created a plus size fashion and style destination just for you and other amazing plus size women who crave great style.

How awesome does this company sound? Curvy Girl Power!

So how does PLVSH work?

When you sign up, you fill out this pretty detailed survey about your size, style, and type of pieces you want, you can also specify if you needed pieces for work and leisure. You can upload a picture, which I am sure helps the stylist! There is also plenty of space for you to write about your likes, and dislikes, as well as, your preferences when it comes to clothing styles, cut, and type. When I filled out my survey I went with, more is better. I gave as much detail as possible because I assumed it can only better the experience.

Another awesome feature about the PLVSH’s service is that you can sign up without being forced to keep a subscription, you can do it as one-time request, or you can choose a subscription of every month, every two months, or three. I love the flexibility they offer because you don’t have to feel tied down if you don’t want to.

So on to when I received my box: I opened it and was totally surprised by and LOVED the printout that came with the clothes. It detailed each item, why they chose that item for you and if it could be paired with another item from box. Seriously awesome styling cliff-notes!

Below are the pieces that I received in my style box: 

Vince Camuto One Button Blazer $165 USD

PLVSH Box 7 - Vince Camuto One Button Blazer

Eloquii Sheath Dress $99.90 USD

PLVSH Box 8 - Eloquii Sheath Dress

Eloquii Asymmetrical Hem Pencil Skirt $62.90 USD

PLVSH Box 6 - Eloquii Asymmetrical Hem Pencil Skirt

Karen Kane Pleat Front Long Sleeve Blouse $98 USD

PLVSH Box 4 - Karen Kane Pleat Front Long Sleeve Blouse

Vince Camuto Short Sleeve High Low Hem Blouse $89

PLVSH Box 5 - Vince Camuto Short Sleeve High Low Hem Blouse

I LOVED every piece in my box, the stylist nailed it! She paid attention to all my notes and still pushed me a little to try styles and colors I wouldn’t pick up myself, because I must admit, I am a plain Jane. The sheath dress and skirt were gorgeous and fantastic quality. The two blouses were so light and summery, they were on point for the season and I loved the colors they chose to send. The blaze was razor sharp. HOT! I will admit I was afraid of the color, but I needed to be pushed with an item like this.

The only issue I had was with the sizes, and that actually had nothing to do with the stylist. I’ve lost 50 pounds in the last year and really didn’t know my size because my body/curves have changed a lot post baby. I’ve been walking around in baggy clothes for a while now. Word of advice ladies, measure yourself and send the stylist your numbers (yeah I totes should have done that).

The two pieces I kept were the blazer and long sleeve blouse. They fit me perfectly, and to show off how awesome these pieces were, we took some pics with each piece doing both a work and leisure look.

Vince Camuto Blazer

Karen Kane Blouse

I am so glad to have these two pieces in my wardrobe, and I will work them!!!

Overall I was very happy with my PLVSH experience, they kept me informed every step of the way, and my box was mailed quicker than I thought. The clothing is high quality. It would have to say that PLVSH really did their homework and are selective with what brands they distribute. And as with any style service, it probably takes a few boxes before you and your stylist get everything ironed out, like styles and size. I most definitely recommend PLVSH to all my curvy ladies out there!!

You could count on me requesting another PLVSH box! 

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