You’re engaged… now what?

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!It seems like everyone and their mother are getting engaged, married, or having a baby. And you’re just like…


‘Tis the season! Don’t get me wrong, I am far from being a bitter single person. I genuinely love weddings. This is why we dedicate our Wednesdays to them. I love hearing engagement stories, and even get teary eyed. As loud and annoying as I can be, I am a closet romantic. If you tell anyone that, I will spork you to death with my Doctor Who Screw Driver spork (yes I own one).

A lot of couples today are choosing to elope or have destination weddings which brings your wedding stress level to basically zero. But if you are dreaming of your perfect wedding day, and you recently got engaged, you’re probably finding yourself a bit overwhelmed. As beautiful it they may be, the race to your wedding day is serious. There’s SO much to do and you have NO clue on what to do first.

Don’t worry we have your back. 

On a personal level, organization is key. So the first things I would invest in, is a Wedding Planner. There’s a million of them out there, and they are all very helpful. My favorite one comes courtesy of Southern Weddings Magazine. In a word, it’s beautiful.

This gorgeous planner will run you for about $38.00 USD and it’s available over at Southern Weddings online shop.

So what next? Well, announce it to the world silly! You just got engaged, you found your dream someone, and it’s your turn to shout it out to the world. One of my favorite engagement announcements is the coffee mug and the ring. Because coffee is my life. So I would do something along those lines.

My only problem with this announcement is that your partner is missing from the picture. So I encourage everyone to find fun ways that describe you as a couple, and then blast it all over the place and social media. An engagement is a time for happiness and celebration. It means families coming together. So have fun with it!

The very next thing I would do is get that bling insured. The jeweler should have provided a a ring appraisal. To insure your ring contact your home or renters insurance. A lot of hem have them option to add  jewelry to your policy.

I think my favorite advice comes from Emily from Southern Weddings. She advises newly engaged couples to:

Dream a little. Yep, even before thinking about a guest list, I’d encourage you to dream a little. After all, if you and your fiance decide that the perfect wedding for you is a intimate destination luau, that will certainly affect your guest list!

In other words, think of the kind of wedding you want. The kind of wedding you want will affect everything. From guests, to location, time of the year, attire, wedding colors, what food will be served, and so on.

For example, if my fiance, Captain America and I dream of an intimate beach side wedding, then automatically I know we are only inviting immediate family and friends. It’ll take place during the summer months. Wedding colors will bright and cheery, and our wedding attire will be made from light and flowy material.

Speaking of the guest list of doom, I personally think this is the part of wedding planning most couples hate. Who to invite, who not to… It’s a massive headache. But not to worry. I told you we have your back. Here is an easy way to figure out who to invite and who not to. It comes courtesy of Plant Based Bride.

Wedding Guest List

Doesn’t this chart make your anxiety level drop? It just makes it so easy to say you’ve been voted off the island.

The best part of this is the excuse of making 7,000 Pinterest boards, but also buying Bridal Magazines. Bridal Magazines give me life! I literally collect them. Sure we have the big ones like The Knot, Martha’s Wedding, Brides, Wedding Style Magazine and so on. HOWEVER, some of my favorites you may not be able buy at your local store, and only online. But they are so worth the wait and a work of art. When you open them you see how carefully they picked out every single detail. My top three are Bridal Beauty Magazine, Southern Weddings, and Flutter Mag.

My very last bit of advice is to remember that all the hard work and effort of putting together this big day, is not only for you to look around and see some of your favorite things, or to top someone else’s day. Because if you keep things about you and your fiance you’ll have the perfect day regardless of what anyone else did. Also keep in mind, that you should thank all the people that came to see you start a new chapter in your life.

For all these reasons, you need to make sure that as a couple, you’re having a good time planning your wedding. If it’s not fun, something is wrong and it needs to be changed. This day is about celebrating your union, not pissing your family and friends off by being a Bridezilla or Groomzilla. Nor is it about anyone telling you what to do on YOUR day. Keep your back bone in place, but don’t be an asshole. And yes, that’s my professional advice.

With that, I want to take a moment to congratulate all newly engaged couples. May the Force bless your marriage!

Later on today, join me on SnapChat to talk about being newly engaged. It’ll be fuuun!


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