Cooking Shortcuts

Happy Monday! (Grrrrrr not really, I need more weekend, LOL)

Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite shortcut items. I know you’ve probably seen some of these in pictures from my previous recipes, but I really wanted to highlight them for you all because they save me sooooo much time! As a working Mom and caregiver to a parent, I need to save time when cooking.

Many supermarkets have their own versions of each of these item so you really don’t have to worry about brand, use your preference. So let’s get started.

DOROT GARCLIC AND BASIL CUBES | These are little frozen cubes of garlic and basil I found in the freezer aisle. They are the best! I just throw them in when cooking for instant seasoning and flavor. They also have ginger, chili, onions, cilantro, parsley, and dill.

Cooking Shortcuts 1

FROZEN CHOPPED ONIONS AND SLICED TRI-COLOR PEPPERS | These both are amazing and make my life ridiculously easy. I throw them in burgers, meatloaf, pasta, quinoa, omelettes. You name it, I am probably putting one of these in it.

Cooking Shortcuts 2

FROZEN MUSHROOMS & SPINACH | They are great for boosting flavor and vitamins in any dish you make. They taste super fresh in your dish, I promise, no one will know it’s frozen.

Cooking Shortcuts 3

INSTANT BROWN RICE | Brown rice, cooks in a bag, from freezer to microwave. I love this, who wouldn’t? Rice ready in 3 minutes, eat it plain as a side or jazz it up with some veggies and seasoning as a quick side or meal.

Cooking Shortcuts 4

We are busy people and as much as we want to put a home cooked meal on the table, there are days that it doesn’t work that way. That is why, I find ways to take short cuts and make my already crazy life a bit easier.

We hope these shortcuts help you. And if you have any favorite time saving items let us know. I would love to add them to my list. Share with us below, on Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, and or/ Tumblr.

Bon appetit! 

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