Deal of the Week!

Happy Fri-yay!!!

Earlier this week, I set out to buy chairs for my kitchen table with Danessa. I figured I’d get a good deal at Marshalls. But on my way there, I told her to stop at the Salvation Army Thrift Store near my home. 

That Salvation Army really didn’t have much so we went to another one, and jackpot! The moment I walked in, there they were. The chairs I’ve been looking for! Solid wood, rustic, and comfortable. They didn’t have a price so I asked the person running the store and he told me $45 USD for all four. SOLD!

Ethan Allen Chairs 1

Now at this point, I was just excited to get them home and polished. It never occurred to me to flip them over.  I didn’t even looked at the bottom. These were the exact chairs I needed. I wasn’t worried about anything else.

That’s when we were getting them in the car, and I hear Danessa almost squeal like a tween. “OMG DEE! These are Ethan Allen chairs!” Say what? Come again? NO WAY! But yes way!

Ethan Allen Chairs 2

So I quickly googled them and that’s when my mouth dropped. They turned out to be Ethan Allen Windsor chairs. If you go to the Ethan Allen website similar chairs range anywhere between $299 USD and up each. So you see why we freaked out over this deal. It was a massive steal.

Obviously they need some restoring and eventually I will sand them down and stain them. But for now, I cleaned them and covered them in scratch removing wood oil, and they look beyond beautiful. Here are some before and after photos for you.

Ethan Allen Chairs 3

Ethan Allen Chairs 4

Ethan Allen Chairs 5

So how did I get them looking so goo? Well of course I cleaned the living daylight out of them. First and foremost, I sprayed bedbug spray all over them. I’m paranoid about that stuff. So I happily took the extra step. Then I grabbed and entire container of antibacterial Lysol wipes and cleaned them each until they were glowing. Then I ended up using Old English Scratch Cover for Light Wood.

Ethan Allen Chairs 6

So what do we think? Beautiful right? We shouldn’t look down our nose at Salvation Army’s furniture. They do have some seriously amazing finds. The location I went to had an entire floor dedicated to furniture. If you’re ever on the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel, here’s the address if you want to stop by.

Salvation Army Thift Store
248 Erie Street
Jersey City, NJ 07310

Ethan Allen Chairs 7

Now it’s time for you to share. What is your best thrift store find? Share with us below, on InstagramSnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr.


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