Healthy Festival Food

Happy Monday y’all!

Before we get started, let’s take a moment to spread love today in this crazy world. Let’s learn from each other’s differences and show some respect. We are sending love to the entire LGBT community today and always. We love you just as you are. Spread love, not hate.

Yesterday after the gym, I went to the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival. Street Festivals are filled with the best and worst food you could possibly think of. Those dang zeppoles, fried oreos, and crepes are life. But not the best thing to eat, especially after killing yourself at the gym.

The Hoboken Arts & Music Festival is seven city blocks jammed packed with amazing art, and food from the best restaurants and food trucks around. There has to be something healthy around, right?

So over on our SnapChat, I set out to find some healthy eating options. And this is what I found.





As you can see, if you try, you can certainly find something healthy. I also saw some organic ice cream. Now that doesn’t mean its sugar or calorie free, but it beats consuming chemicals we can’t pronounce.

My one indulgance at street fairs are Mozzareppas. It’s melted cheese between two sweet corn cakes. All the Mozzareppas to me! Yes I had one, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, it was delicious. The one good thing about this treat is that is not fried. Thank goodness. Other wise, my stomach would be very pissed at me.


Obviously, I need to leave you with something yummy. No it’s not healthy, and no I did not eat it but I was beyond tempted. Crepes.


Don’t they look amazing? You’re welcome.

Now it’s time for you to share your favorite healthy festival foods in your part of the world. Sound off below.


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