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Happy Wedding Wednesday!

If you’ve been following this blog, or our social medias, then you know I have two wedding shoe designers that I am obsessed with. One of which is Rachel Simpson. Her shoes are a feast for the eye, and I am utterly in love with them. But you know how that goes with high end shoes, they look amazing but a few hours of walking in the pretty shoes and you want to cut your feet off; the pain is unreal. So today, I am here to give you my take on one of Rachel’s top sellers, Mimosa in Powder Blue.

Rachel Simpson Shoes - Mimosa 1

ABOUT THE BRAND | Established in 2008, Rachel Simpson is now widely acknowledged as the home of vintage style wedding shoes. Born of a passion for the craft of shoe making, Rachel’s original ethos is central to the collection, combining elegant design and the finest materials with a versatile wearability and unmistakable comfort. It is their unique design and distinctive style which make Rachel Simpson shoes so recognizable… read on

Rachel Simpson Shoes - Mimosa 2

MY FEET | Before we get started I should mention I have high arched feet and they are a bit on the wide side. Depending on the shoe, I could wear anything between size 9-10 shoe.

Rachel Simpson Shoes - Mimosa 3

FIRST IMPRESSION | Once I got over the beautiful packaging, I gasped when I saw them. They are just strikingly beautiful. These t-strap 1920’s inspired shoes are a personal shoe dream. And if you follow my personal SnapChat, then you know how hard I fangirled as I unboxed them. Just holding them, they felt buttery soft. Actually, Glory and Silvia tried them out and they said the same exact thing.

Rachel Simpson Shoes - Mimosa 4

ON YOUR FEET | If they felt soft in my hands, putting them on my feet was like walking on clouds. They are SO soft on your feet you could barely feel them. The strap was comfortable and secure. Yes, they have a thin sole, and for the most part, thin shoes hurt like all hell when you take a step. BUT these have a soft paddling, so that when you take a step, your feet feel pampered. As a matter of fact, I am currently wearing them and I barely feel them on.

Rachel Simpson Shoes - Mimosa 5

THE WEAR | I walk everywhere, so I put them through the test. I walked about a mile in them and around the park for about 2 hours. When I got home, I didn’t have the urge to take them off right away. I actually did a few things around the house before finally taking them off. My feet were a bit tired but that’s about it. The heel on these are 3 inches high so they are really comfortable for long wear.

Rachel Simpson Shoes - Mimosa 6

RECOMMENDATION | The only thing I don’t like about these shoes are that they are a bit slippery. So I recommend investing in non-slip pads to wear with them. I also recommend all brides to wear their bridal shoes a few times before the big day. You want to know exactly what to expect on the day of the wedding. And breaking them in before the big day is ideal.

Rachel Simpson Shoes - Mimosa 7

These shoes are perfect for all brides, bridal parties, mother’s of the bride, guests, prom, special events, and just because you want to feel pretty that day. You need to own a pair, you won’t regret it.

Mimosa is available in 4 colors, and you could buy them directly from Rachel Simpson, OR from BLHDN. Also, keep in mind that Rachel Simpson also has Bridal Accessories.

Do you own Rachel Simpson Shoes? Share pictures with us on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

Live. Laugh. Wear Rachel Simpsons shoes!

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