Ladies of Horror Collab

Happy Monday y’all!

I’ve spent the past two days surrounded by the world’s best makeup artist and I am running on a huge high right now. Want to see my coverage of IMATS NYC? Visit Bridal Beauty Magazine on instagram.

Today we are doing things a little different. Usually Monday is our Foodie Monday, but since IMATS NYC just ended and the kick off the NYC Bridal Market is upon us, we are going to do things different. Rather than have a Beauty Tuesday, we are doing it today. And we are SO excited because this is our very first collaboration. We couldn’t have asked a better person to join us in this venture because Hayley Jay put her heart into this. She’s our kind of people.

Yes we all love glam and beauty makeup, but there were classic actresses that were icons in their right, who were not consider the ideal beauty. These were the ladies of horror. Such as Elvira, Morticia Addams, Lily Munster, and the list goes on. I remember the first time I saw Lily Munster in black and white as a little girl and all I could imagine how amazing her makeup must have looked in real life and in color. So women like these inspire me. They were so beautiful to me because if you could be a horror actress and look so flawless that was my definition of incredible beauty.

We took on Elvira, take a look.

We actually didn’t use much to recreate this look.

Glory Elvira

  • Foundation: NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Foundation in two shades lighter to get that Elvira pale skin tone.
  • Eyeshadows: Urban Decay Electric Palette
  • White Eyeliner: NYX Cosmetics
  • Eyebrows: Revlon
  • Eyeliner: Absolute New York
  • Lashes: Violet Voss
  • Contour: (also chest contour) NYX Contour Palette
  • Lips: Absolute New York
  • Lip Liner: NYX Cosmetics
  • Setting Powder: NYX Setting Powder in Banana

Hayley Jay took on Wednesday Addams and she killed it! Below is preview, BUT you must check out her tutorial here. It’s fantastical! 

Hayley as Wednesday Addams

A Godzilla size thank you to Hayley Jay for agreeing to join our crazy ways. Make sure y’all are following her brilliant beer/wine loving behind on:

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And if you’re not following us on Social, you should!

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Tons more looks and reviews coming soon. There’s a lot going on right now, but I promise you a lot of good things are in the works.

On to NYC Bridal Market we go. Stay tuned for that!


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