Unboxing | Neewer Mini Light

Happy Fri-yay and  IMATS NYC day!

To those going tonight for the Pro-night, have a blast! Tag us in your haul pictures. We’d love to see! Remember, we are taking over Bridal Beauty Magazine’s instagram Saturday and Sunday so make sure you follow.

Every time I use my Neewer Mini Light at events, or anywhere really, I get stopped. It’s usually something along the lines of “What is that!?” with a child like wonder in their eyes. Since it seems to be such a hit, I figured I’d give you a mini demo and show you what the box includes. This light is perfect for those of us that are not interested in the Lumee style cases.

Here are some pictures I just took in a pitch black dark room in my house… my bathroom.

Lowest setting:

Neewer Mini Light Lowest Setting

Highest setting:

Neewer Mini Light Highest Setting

As you could see, both setting work great, even when you’re in a pitch black dark room with the door closed.

Unfortunately, the pack I bought is no longer for sale on Amazon. I paid $24.99 USD for it. However, the light is still available in a larger pack for $36.99 USD. It includes everything above, plus a selfie stick and hand grip to name a few.

Want to buy this baby? Get it here.

Have a selfie light? Show it off, we’ll love to see! Tag us on instagram.

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