How To Sanitize Your Makeup

We always hear about how important it’s to clean your makeup brushes, but how about your actual make up?

We know some of the rules, like wash your hands before applying makeup, keep your vanity clean, and so on. But our actual makeup needs cleaning too. Imagine all the germs, bacteria, and even oils that gets transferred from dirty makeup to your skin and vice versa. It can cause skin problems, infections, breakouts and even pink eye. Also when we have a cold, we can unintentionally contaminate our make up and the cold could be transferred back to us. THE HORROR!

Makeup sanitizers can run you anywhere around $20-25 dollar more or less. But why spend all that when all you need is isopropyl alcohol. I am sure must of us you already have if in our first aid kit at home. But if you don’t, you could buy a bottle at the pharmacy for around $2 dollars.

Today I am going to share with you the way I sanitize my makeup.

What you’ll need:

  • Rubbing acohol 91% (or 70%) either one is safe
  • Cotton balls
  • Small spray bottle

First, pour some of the alcohol onto the spray bottle. Next, spray some alcohol into a cotton ball, and clean the entire surface of your makeup. In another words, clean the outside, mirror, and all hard surfaces of the makeup palette.

Now you’re ready to santize your makeup. Spray alcohol onto basically everything; eyes shadows, blushes, powder foundations, gel liners, lipsticks, etc… Spray without worrying about ruin your makeup as the alcohol will dry super fast.


For the lipsticks and for the retractable pencils, I like to dip them in alcohol for a couple of seconds, wipe down, and let dry.



This is an easy and afforable way makeup artist can sanitize their makeup before and after every client. But for just my personal home use, I do it once a month or so.

I hope you like this, and if you have a different way of sanitizing your make up please share with me.

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