Watters Maids Separates Fall 2016

Happy Wedding Wednesday y’all!

Today is all about Bridesmaids and Watters. Ah yes, Watters #heartsinoureyes. Super excited to share that they’ve launched a Watters Maids Separate collection!

Watters Maids Separates- Fall 16 PreLaunch

The collection includes three tops and three skirts, available long or short, creating 18 different mix-and-match bridesmaids looks. Showcasing classic silhouettes, luxe fabrics of Aria Lace and Bobbinet and a hint of modern sophistication, the separates reflect signature elements of Watters’ globally-renowned designs.

“We created bridesmaids separates in 1985 as a founding concept,” said Xay Vongphachanh, creative director of Watters. “What was true then is true now. Bridesmaids want to create looks that are unique to their personalities. With this essential group of tops and skirts, we really hope to make that happen for them.”

The line is now available exclusively through 50 select authorized retailers, with an official launch planned for April.

Here’s the list  those retailers in the US:

I love the idea of separates for Bridesmaids. Not one of us has the same exact body shape. What works for someone, doesn’t work, for the other. I say it’s time to give our Bridemaids the freedom to be comfortable and feel like a million dollars. They are paying for the dress after all. 

What a lot of brides fail to remember is their Bridal Party is an extension of the person they are. If their maids look miserable and uncomfortable in a dress, it shows. Those are their hoes before bros, why on earth would they want them to look anything but flawless? Believe me, it’s not going to take a thing away from the bride. It’s their day after all. I would love for brides to allow their maids to shine along side them.

So collections like this one, from Watters, make me smile because it gives options but still keeps it uniform.

Could you pick a favorite? Were you a Watters Maid? Tag us on instagram with your Watters Maids dress!


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