Love Marquee

Happy Wedding Wednesday y’all! Who’s wearing pink today? Because you know, on Wednesdays we wear pink.

I was going to do ideas for Valentine’s Wedding today, but I changed my mind. Why? Because all I kept finding were big fluffy weddings filled with over the top red and pink hearts. And since I kept gagging and rolling my eyes, I figure it wasn’t the best idea for me to talk about THAT particular theme.

To me less is more, and in weddings, it’s all about the little details. In a Valentine Wedding (or any wedding for that matter), the one word that should always be represented is LOVE. If there’s no love, why get married, right?

Since I was a tween, I’ve been in love with marquee letters. I mean really, I want to use them on everything. I even want to walk around with a marquee sign, but I don’t think subway riders will find it amusing. Right now they are a huge wedding trend. Rightfully so, because (and to sound a tween) they are like totally awesome. So incorporating them into a wedding would be easy and a total showstopper.

And so today, I’m sharing super cute and beautiful ways to incorporate Love Marquees into your wedding. Because as we know… all you need is love.

Isn’t it such a great idea? Something I would certainly do.

Did you have a marquee at your wedding? Tag us on Instagram. We’ll love to see!

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  1. B. says:

    Marquees are a great idea! I’m thinking about adding one to our dining room.

    1. Dee Shore says:

      I have that’s going up in my dining room. It reads “eat”. I loooove marquee letters!

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