January 2016 LootCrate: Invasion

It’s LootCrate time! This month’s Loot was all about Invasion of the Body Snatchersđź’€. This is the part where I wiggle my fingers in your face and make spooky whooo noises.

Here’s what was in this month’s box:

  • X-Files The Day Has Come T-shirt: Excuse me while I flail like a total geek that I am. The only bad thing is that I had already said Moose (my spawn) would get this month’s shirt. #iregretit Because This shirt is off the hinges!
  • Alien Facehugger Plush: Okay this thing is adorable. It’s so soft I don’t even mind it hugging my face. It can stay there forever.
  • Space Invaders Vinyl Figure: It’s adorbs and it’s going to join Moose’s vinyl figure army. Probably going to take over.
  • The Fifth Element Prope Replica Multi-Pass: MULTI PASS! I abso-freakin-lutely love this flippin movie and I geeked out so hard I sprained something. Leeloo will forever be one of my favorite sci-fi heroines.
  • “Ivansion” Mini Art Prints: Are you kidding me? These are awesome. They need to be framed and proudly placed on my walls.
  • X-Files LED Flashlight: Because of course you need a flashlight when you’re out hunting the Truth! It’s out there.
  • Brand Spankin’ New Loot Pins: Okay, LootCrate peeps you outdid yourselves with this new Pin. It’s so cool. Not to mention the awesome comic book that comes with it. Can’t wait to read it.

And now for a new feature, Dee did her own Unboxing video of this months crate. Take a look:

Want to see my past creates? Check them out!

Click here to join LootCrate

Mon, over and out!

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