Book Review: Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster

Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster

By Lori Foster

  • Series: The Ultimate Series, Book #4
  • Release Date: Coming February 23, 2016!!!
  • Publisher: HQN Books
  • Mass Market Paperback: 448 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373789177
  • Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

He’s the hottest MMA fighter in the game, but one woman is ready to try out a few steamy moves of her own in an unforgettable new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster. 

With the life he’s led and the muscles he’s gained, Armie Jacobson isn’t afraid of anything. Except maybe Merissa Colter’s effect on him. It’s not just that she’s his best friend’s little sister. Fact is, she deserves better. Women pursue him for one night of pleasure, and that’s all he wants to offer. Until rescuing Merissa from a robbery leads to the most erotic encounter of his life.

Good girl meets bad boy. It’s a story that rarely ends well. But Merissa is taking matters into her own hands. No matter how he views himself, the Armie she knows is brave, honorable and completely loyal. And as past demons and present-day danger collide, they’re both about to learn what’s truly worth fighting for…



Welcome to the world of MMA. Where the men are hot, and buff. I want to live in this world! Guys, we are hanging out at a MMA gym from now on. I’ll bring the whiskey.

I can’t remember the last time I read a Lori Foster book. Maybe it was her book Casey? And that was when, 2002? But honestly can’t remember. I always associated her books as fun reads. Books you could get lost in and always end up smiling. As a matter of fact, she’s the reason I love family themed book series. You know the ones where all members of the family find their HEA (happily ever after). The Winston Brothers will forever hold a special place in my heart. The paperback is actually sitting on my shelf right now.

To be honest y’all, I love Romance books with an edge and not nauseating. I love seeing the struggle two characters have to be with one other. It shows me that every tear, argument, and fight was worth it. And that’s how I felt reading Fighting Dirty. They were meant for each other, and they went through hell to get to their HEA.

Automatically I felt as if I was starting in the middle or the end of a series. And I was right, I was reading what appears to be the last book in the series. However, I didn’t feel like I needed to read all the other books to get this one. So if you’ve never read Lori’s Ultimate Series, its ok to just pick this one up and give it a read. Obviously, now I need to read the rest of them because I’m obsessed. CURSE YOU LORI! 

Ok, so let’s get to the book itself. Here is this super hot up and coming MMA fighter, that’ll be Armie. And his best-friends little sister; Merissa. She’s a good girl and a bank manager, and he’s a man with a past. Horrible upbringing, and wild taste in bed. Threesomes? Sure. Bondage? YOLO!

I was a little worried this was going to turn into another 50 Shades of Crap. But thanks to the bookie gods, this was far from it. Sure Armie had his wild taste, but with Merissa, he doesn’t need to do all those crazy things in bed. Because she likes him for him. Understand, she’s known him forever and she knows him without him having to really explain much. She gets him. No, she’s not a doormat. If she had to put her foot down, she did, a bunch of times.

The one thing that bothered me about the story, is that her brother owns a center where they teach MMA and self defense classes. Yet, she had no clue how to even execute a simple jab-cross to defend herself. I’m a kickboxer and a big city girl which firmly believes all women should at least take a self defense class.

Back to the book, I really liked their relationship. Just because they knew each other for an eternity and a day, that didn’t automatically make it easy for them to be together. There were WAY too many obstacles that stopped them both from moving forward. I compared their relationship to a closed flower that ever so slowly blooms to become something beautiful. I know, I sounded like the Hallmark channel.

I give this book a solid 4 Nerd Glasses out of 5. It had everything I loved about romance books, plus action, and hot MMA men!

This is a NetGalley Review



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