December 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag Showdown

Hey y’all! We didn’t have time to share our Ipsy bags for the month of December, so we are sharing them with you today. The theme for December 2015 was, For You With Love Ipsy.

For being a bag from Ipsy, telling their subscribers how much they love us, it was pretty mediocre. The fact that they added such a basic product like Aveeno lotion to my bag was a HUGE let down. It’s an item you could find anywhere for $1 USD. And the Pacifica lipstick smells old and stale, and it taste awful. Hopefully January’s bag is a bit better.

Ok I’ll stop having first world issues and complaints, and show you our Ipsy Glam’s for December 2015.









Now it’s your turn. Tag us on instagram with your December bag, or use the hashtag #nerdandlace on social media.

Tossing an idea to y’all. I have been considering hosting an Ipsy item exchange program. Would anyone be interested? 

Want to see our past Glam Bags? Check out our past Ipsy Bag Showdown.

Want to join Ipsy? Join here!

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