Best of 2015: Bookie Thursday

Writing book reviews always make me nervous. Specially reviewing books and authors I love. It’s not hard putting into words how the books make you feel. But you want to do them justice and not sound like an cracked up fangirl. You want to express why you found it so fascinating without giving or spoiling anything for other readers. Nothing annoys me more than reviewers that blab the entire plot (I swear I won’t rant).

Our Bookie Thursday features grew in 2015. From covering BookCon to now being proud members of NetGalley, we are extremely proud that we could share our passion for reading you.

Here is our top three Bookie Thursday reviews for 2015:





THREE. A tie!



Get ready for 2016 because we’ll have tons of more review, interviews, and authors features!

Make sure you check out our past Bookie Thursday features. And if you want us to review a book or interview an author, sound off below.

Live. Love. Books.

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