Shopping Guide: Gifts for Nerds

This category is so big, people don’t just understand the complexity of it. In order to rock a gift for the nerd in your life, you have to understand the kind of nerd he/she is. What fandom do they geek out over?

You don’t want to make the awful mistake of giving a Star Wars fan a Trekkie item because we will mentally choke you with the power of the force. But then again you do have nerds that are a fan of both. Which brings me back around to my original point of knowing what fandom does your nerd’s soul belongs to. A TV show? A movie franchise? Is he/she a gamer? Are they into Marvel or DC Comics? (trust me on this, the difference is crutial!) So many fandoms, so little time.

Back in the day (you know like 5 years ago), we were limited to a few websites and stores. But with the rise of superhero shows, blockbuster movies, and insanely designed video games, the search is overwhelming. Even for me, searching Doctor Who merchandize, gives me a minor panic attack. Because not only do I want it all, there’s SO much to pick from.

So today’s list has been curated to include a little of everything. Hope this helps you in any way. Specially since there’s only a few shopping days left.




For $19.99 USD a month (including shipping) you get a monthly themed box with exclusive collectable items. And to make matters even better, they just launched the release of LootAnime and LootPets. Every so often, they release specialty crates. For example, they currently have a Star Wars, and a Call of Duty crates. These crates are limited edition, so once they sell out, that’s it.

Check our past LootCrate Unboxing



You want to make a Nerd cry? Like serious tears? Take us to Comic Con. And I’m not talking to any Con, I’m talking San Diego or New York City.


These figurines are a collectors nirvana. They have entire themes and collections for movies and shows. Making these one of the best gifts for nerds ever. I can’t describe how I felt when I opened a gift and there was  a Nerdy Ariel looking back at me. The feels! OH THE FEELS!

Nerdy Ariel

The beauty of these figures is that they are sold everywhere. I’ve seen them at Hot Topics,Toys r’ Us, Target, Walmart, Game Stop, even at 7-Eleven.


Any of items at these epic Nerd stores, will have the nerd in your life looking at you like Rose Tyler looking The Doctor saving the day:

And there you have it guys, tons of stores and a couple of gift ideas for the nerds in your life. I hope it helps in any way!

Before we go, did you know we are hosting a charity raffle? A $5 donation to Dee’s Birthday Wish benefiting Charity: Water, will enter you for a chance to win an amazing prize pack worth over $340!!! Take a look at some of what you could win:



See HERE for full description and entry rules.

Thank you, and good luck!

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