Makeup Brush Haul: Royal & Langnickel

It’s no surprise that I have a little makeup issue… Ok, that’s a blatent lie. I have a MAJOR makeup issue. But let’s pretend y’all didn’t know.

What you may actually not know is that I am obsessed with makeup brushes. I want them all and want to own every single one. Yes, I love all brands and styles out there (I’m coming for you!) but my true love lies with Royal & Langnickel.

The flawless application they help me accomplish is, in my opinion, pretty hard to beat. The shock of a life came when I discovered I didn’t need a beauty blender to apply my foundation. With other brands, I’ve had to use a blender brush to smooth and even out. Something I’ve never had to do with any of my Royal foundation brushes.

I recently purchased new additions for my collection, and I’m sharing them with y’all!

Revolution Premier Pro Kit: This line was co-created with Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Kevin James Bennett. They were developed for precision application, and durability. And made with water resistant acrylic handles. So wash away! These brushes can take the abuse. They are also 100% Vegan.


My favorite feature about these brushes…they stand up!


Revolution BX-35: This is the contour and highlighting brush. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time. I actually hugged it when I received it. I only use it to apply the dark highlighting.


Revolution BX-150: Fan for powder, blush, and highlighting. I only use it for my powder highlight application.


Revolution BX-140: A dual lash and brow comb. What I love about this is that the lash comb is metal. And unlike the plastic ones, it really gets between your lashes and actually combs them out. I use the spoolie end to comb my brows. So sorry forgot to take a shot of this one. But I did include it in the group picture.


SILK BC250: Blender sponge. I use this when smoothing out small areas of my contour, like the bridge of my nose. This is the only brush I bought that wasn’t vegan.


Pink Essential BPBE-203: A sponge? I know, you’re probably mocking me for buying this. I mean who really uses these things any more? Normally, I don’t. But I find that they work best when applying loose pigment and eye glitter. I simply press the pigment over my lid with it and it comes out looking great. Don’t swipe, just pat.


And that’s my Royal & Langnickel haul. I wonder what I’ll get next? I’ve been eyeing the Love is… Hopeful Travel Kit, and SILK Pro Limited Edition Kit. We’ll see!

Here’s are my sets (so far), and they are all 100% Vegan.


And speaking of the MODA Brush Set, want to get your very own for just $5? Enter our Charity Raffle for a chance to win this pink set and a prize pack worth over $340!

Raffle 8


Do you own Royal brushes? Which one’s your favorite? Share your brushes below or in social media by using the hashtag #nerdandlace.

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