Nerd & Lace takes on GenBeauty!


Hey guyz! Tomorrow Ipsy will be hosting their SOLD OUT GenBeauty event in NYC tomorrow and we’ll be there! Here’s a bit of what GenBeauty is all about:

Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope to get a glimpse of our time surrounded by awesome makeup people.

Of course, all of this weather needs to behave. Its raining mermaids and dragons out here! And hurricane Joaquin (Phoenix) may or may not come pay us a visit. So stay tuned for updates. Praying his drunk hurricane butt stays away from us.

Will you be attending GenBeauty? Let us know!  We’d love to meet up and selfie it up!

Next weekend is New York’s October Bridal Market. We’ll be there too, front row and center to bring you the latest collections from some of our favorite bridal designers. More information to come on that. We have been granted permission to Periscope a bunch of the shows. So again, make sure to follow us on Periscope.

Have a great day y’all. We’ll be getting ready for tomorrow, YAY!

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