Book Review: Resisting the Bad Boy by Violet Duke

Resisting The Bad Boy by Violet Duke

By Violet Duke

Abby Bartlett is the quintessential nice girl. Between teaching, volunteering, completing her PhD, and helping her best friend raise his daughter, Abby never gets the chance to be anything but nice. That is, until the all-wrong-for-her man she’s only ever known from afar starts daring her to simply take that chance for herself. His sage advice? Try something wild and fast.

Preferably him.

An unbridled, hotshot attorney with a not-so-little black book, Connor Sullivan has earned himself quite the bad boy reputation. But in his defense, he’s a very conscientious one. He knows far too well that sometimes in life, love isn’t enough…or worse, not even a factor at all. To avoid that misery–and repel the drama–Connor always makes his one and only rule crystal clear right from the start. Absolutely nothing more than a month.

Turns out, a whole lot can happen in one month.

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Let’s start off by saying, I do not like cliffhangers. And this book is just that, a big ole cliffhanger. But before we get into that, let’s go back to the beginning.

In this first installment, you meet Abby Barlett, the perfect good nice girl that will do anything and everything for those she loves. You also meet bad boy and badass attorney, Connor Sullivan. Abby and Connor have one big thing in common, and that is her bestie Brian. Who happens to be Connor’s one and only brother.

While Abby has always had a thing for Connor, some how, he doesn’t ever remember meeting her. Which is completely unrealistic since both were Brian and Skylar’s (Brian’s daughter), support system during Beth (Brian’s wife), who was gravely sick, sad death. But ok, for romance story purposes, and plot, I’ll let that slide. 

After finally “meeting” Abby, Connor is so instantly attracted to her that he talks her into his infamous one month long affair. They’re together for a month, and then call it quits. Once the month is up, he walks away without looking back. He usually doesn’t even say, “It’s been nice screwing you”. Classy guy and all that he is. The problem is they, of course, develop deep feelings for each other; some serious emotions neither of them expected. But there’s always a but, Abby and Connor may live on the same planet, yet they are completely different worlds. While Abby is a sweet caring woman that is working towards her PHD, he’s a big shot lawyer that walks with the rich and vicious. Deep down, Connor is actually a pretty caring and decent guy, who short changes himself.

Through a series of unfortunate events, he gets it in his head that Abby is better off with someone like his brother. And once their month is up, he opens the door for Brian.

Ok, so here’s my two cents. I get what Violet was trying to do here. Keep you engaged and do something different. I whole heartedly applaud Violet for coloring outside the lines. I love rebels! However, I just didn’t like this format. Maybe its the fast city girl in me that has no patience to read three more books to find out what happens in a romance novel. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I want to sit with one book, even if its Harry Potter size, and get an ending. Do they end up together or not? Rather than get that happy tingly satisfaction, reading the last paragraph, frustrated me.

Yes, I caved and did purchase the second book just out of curiosity to see what happens. And I am beyond frustrated with it. But I am not going to get into that.

Thought I felt some of the scenes were rushed, I did enjoy the characters and their interactions. Their connection alone is worth the read. Some scenes were very touching; my eyes many have leaked here and there. But I’m sure it was my allergies. My allergies have been slowly killing me this month. Yup, that was it!

I give this book 3 Nerd Glasses out of 5. I started reading the second book in the series and had to stop. This series is not for me.

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