Unique Wedding Invitations & Save the Dates

You guys know me, I love different. I love original ideas. It makes me so happy when I see couples use their creativity when it comes to planning their wedding, I’ve been known to do a jumpy excited clap. And that’s exactly what happened to me while I was endlessly scrolling Pinterest; I jumpy clapped when I came across this AWESOME viewfinder wedding invitation.

Unique Wedding Invitations 3

Isn’t it amazing?! What would you do if you got something like this in the mail? It’s exciting and different. I love it!

Which got me thinking, there has to be other unique wedding invitations and save the dates out there. So I went on a hunt and made up my mind to come up with at least 10 choices to share with y’all. To my surprise, I came up with 20 (including the viewfinder). And here I am sharing them with ya’ll!

I know the coffins are a little morbid. But for a Halloween Wedding, they are so freaking cute and inventive. For my friend Karla’s Halloween Wedding, we used wooden coffins as the table numbers. I did previously blog about it here.

If you had to choose one unique invite or save the date, which one is your favorite? Sound off below or on social media by using the hashtag #nerdandlace.

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