DIY: Coffin Table Numbers


Today is, my friend Karla and her Charlie’s, first wedding anniversary. They had a fun Halloween Wedding Reception. And I put together a lot of decorations for the reception. 

My favorite project were the coffin table numbers. I painted and sealed the body, but on the front I used chalk board paint. Then free hand wrote the table numbers.


This is a pretty terrible picture that I took with my phone when we were setting up. And not very closed up. But at least you can get an idea on how the centerpieces looked. Two books, stacked under a lanter, containing a flameless candles. The coffin right in the front of the lantern. And a raven resting over the lantern. With this picture, you can’t appreciate how nice it all looked in person. At the end of the night, people took everything, even the books.

We found the coffins at Michael’s for $.99 before using a coupon. The lanterns were bought of eBay. The flameless candles and books were purchased at Dollar Tree. The books I covered them in black wrapping paper, and using my cricuit, cut horror book titles for the side. And the ravens off some website I can not remember.

Happy Anniversary Karla and Charlie! And very Happy Birthday to Karla. Charlie could never forget his anniversary lol!


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