Weekly Roundup

Happy Sunday Football. GO JETS! *crossing fingers*

It’s been a full week here at Nerd & Lace. Just in case, here’s what you may have missed from our neck of the woods:


Don’t forget, we are nearing our 1,000 follower mark on Instagram and we’ll be hosting “Nerd & Lace’s Favorite Things Giveaway”. The faster we get there, the faster we could host the giveaway. So make sure you are following us on instagram. Here’s a few of the items that’ll be included in the giveaway:

Next Saturday we’ll be attending GenBeauty NYC and we’ll be live feeding through Periscope. So give us a follow!

Thanks again for another fun week. If there’s anything that you’ll like us to cover, sound off below, or on social media by using hashtags #nerdandlace. Also, follow us on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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