Beauty Review: Absolute New York Ink Pen


On a whim, I picked up an Absolute New York Ink Pen. It reminded me of my favorite eyeliner, Kat Von D Tattoo Ink. It was $2.00 USD so it couldn’t hurt, right?

My sister always wanted to be a model, so I took the opportunity to use her as my guinea, errr I mean “model”. Please note her eyebrows are not done nor did I apply mascara. Just quickly applied some nude eye shadow and the liner.

I instantly loved it. The felt tip pen wasn’t stiff like other brands I’ve tried.


It went on smoothly and without much effort. I only did 3 quick slides over her lashline and was done.



I applied it around midday on a hot humid day. It didn’t smudge or run. And by the time she went home it was about 11:00pm and it looked exactly as it did when I applied it.

I also tested it on my hand before going to the gym. It got water and sweat on and it stayed on. So using this pen, would be great to do temporary face and body art as well.


The removal was effortless. My Makeup Eraser, removed it without any issues.

For being an inexpensive eyeliner, I was very impressed. I would gladly recommend it to anyone.

Have you tried Absolute New York’s Ink Pen? What did you think? Sound off below of in social media by using the hashtag #nerdandlace.

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