DIY: Minecraft Sneakers

Last week was Glory’s son, Jaden, 7th Birthday. He’s a hardcore gamer and Minecraft freak.

The problem with this is, that there isn’t a lot of Minecraft merchandize for sale, and you end up making everything. For his birthday party last year, we made all the decorations and games.

So this year while looking for something to make him on Pinterest, I came across these canvas sneakers:


Of course, I HAD to make them for him. I went crazy looking for sneakers without any luck. But my friend Denise came to the rescue. She found me a pair of black canvas sneakers and this is what I did to them:


This is the breakdown of what I spent:
Sneakers: $6.99 @ Family Dollar
Canvas Paint: $1.30 @ Michael’s
Shoe Laces: $1.99 @ Payless
TOTAL: $10.28 USD

For for a little over $10 and an hour of work, I gave Jaden something one of a kind and personal to him.

I hope he likes them as much as I had fun making them for him. My little pixel.

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