Pushups For Charity

So sorry this is so late. I had an early morning, and then a nonstop day. But better late than never, right?

Today I made my way bright and early to Fox & Friends to show my support to Pushups for Charity and Boot Campaign. I am firm supporter of these charities and I think they are doing amazing things for our veterans. These men and women give up so much to defend our country, and it’s our duty to help them and their families.

About Pushups for Charity:

Pushups for Charity is an annual event that raises awareness of the challenges military service members and veterans face, and raises money to support their unique needs – this year we plan to give 500 grants to deserving hero families. You can make a difference just by doing pushups! Pushups for Charity 2015 kicks off on Armed Forces Day – May 16 – and goes all summer long ‘til August 16. Every person, everywhere can change a life in 90 seconds.

If you missed the interview, here it is for all to see:

Yes the camera really got in my face, at 7:30am. At least I wore some makeup. A girl has to be camera ready at all times.

Here’s my behind the scenes video and some pictures I took.

Even Army dogs are adorable. Just look at him! Of course I HAD to ask if I could pet him, but unfortunately he’s an active dog and was denied. But that is A-OK. And if you don’t think we need to help our veterans, just look at the pictures and videos above, and see proof of why you should. These were perfectly normal people, like you and I, and were hurt defending us. Defending my right to blog about whatever I want. That means the world to me, and I am infinitely grateful.

I encourage everyone to take part and help our veterans. You don’t have to be a fitness person, just have the drive and willingness to help.

To find out how you could help, visit Pushups For Charity.

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