Emmy Shoes

Stop what you are doing and pay attention! You are going to thank us later for introducing you to this brand. Emmy London. Yes, you certainly should know the name of who we consider to be one of the most amazing shoe makers out there. Keep your high end designer shoes. We would take Emmy London over them any day of the week, month, or year.

We had the out most pleasure to have a private viewing of this incredible, and wearable, works of art. Our mouth dropped, as we stepped into the suite. Imagine a gorgeous chic sitting area with a grand couch, an incredible view of Central Park, and every surface covered in stunning shoes. Yes, that’s literally a woman’s dream come true.

We met Emmy herself, and she was just the nicest person you’ll meet. I know, we say this about every designer we meet. But that’s because they simply are really kind people that are sharing their talent and hard work with the world. And they are beyond excited to show you their art. We love and appreciate that.

She showed us her gorgeous new line that was inspired by… are you ready for this? MERMAIDS! That made Dee’s, our Editor-in-chief, heart stop. Mermaids are one of her favorite things in the whole world. Automatically making Emmy London her favorite shoe designer. Priorities, of course.

Here are some of the photos we took during our visit.

Are you in love with Emmy London as we are? As you see it’s not only shoes, they have matching clutches, and even jewelry. Did you guys see the teeny tiny shoes? SO CUTE!

The hand beading on these shoes, and accessories, is exceptional. One of our favorite feature has to be the Emmy’s gorgeous branding and a Swarovski crystal on the sole. As a bonus, Brides for your something blue, you could choose a blue crystal. And if we didn’t convince you that this is an amazing brand, shoes and hair decorations are packaged like presents with Emmy’s signature ribbon and crystal boxes. They also include a shoe bag and care card to help you keep your shoes looking perfect for years to come. We’re sold! 

Did you know that Emmy London is exclusive to Kleinfeld in the New York Tri-state area? And to shop accessories you do not need an appointment?

For more information on this gorgeous brand, visit Emmy London’s website.

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