Nina Shoes

Nina Shoes. Most of you recognize the name, and may have even worn a pair for a special occasion. I know I own a few myself. Having been around since the early 1950’s, Nina Shoes are one of the most widely recognized shoe brand in the United States. You could find their shoes and accessories virtually everywhere. It’s no surprise that they were present at this season’s NY Bridal Fashion week, showing off their diverse style and colors.

We stopped by their booth at The Knot’s Couture Show, and instantly fell in love with everything. What could we say? We are little girls trapped in adult bodies. Looking around the bright colors and sparkles just makes us happy. Plus we had the chance to play with a few of the head pieces. Take a look:

Our favorite accessory was the butterfly head piece. It would look amazing with just about the majority of bridal hair style. But if we’re being honest, we would wear it just because.

For a complete look at Nina Shoes and accessories, visit their website .

Tons more coming from our NY Bridal Fashion Week. To see previews as what’s to come, check out our instagram. Tons and tons of things on there!

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