Ladies Oscar Fashion 2015

The Oscars is one of my favorite award shows. Why? The fashion of course! I don’t listen to so called “fashionistas” and fashion “gurus”, because I never agree with them. What they think it’s amazing, usually makes me barf. So, after hours of watching the Red Carpet, here are my favorites:

The following ladies I thought looked lovely, but I have seen them look better: Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Hudson, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, and Scarlett Johanson.

Worst dressed? Solange Knowles, and Nicole Kidman. When I saw Nicole stand on the red carpet, I thought to myself, “Wow, all that money to look that stupid.” Sorry, I call it as I see it.

Trends I noticed: Hot couples. The colors: red, white, some yellow, and lots of pale champagne. Simple and understated hair; not a fan. And large necklaces.

Who’s your best dressed? 

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